Corporate Info
India's market leader in entire Twisting & Weaving machinery sector

One of India's topmost Twisting & Weaving machinery makers with a global reach, Weavetech is the embodiment of a promise of Get More, Get Better.

Armed with innovative & surprisingly cost-effective solutions in Twisting & Weaving, Weavetech has become the De facto choice for leading Indian companies with global ambitions. It is no surprise that Weavetech commands one of the largest market shares in the country among its products.

Since 1980s, Weavetech has been at the forefront of indigenous technology development in the field of Twisting & Weaving machineries leading R&D efforts specific to answer to the growing needs of a developing market like India. Leveraging on core competencies in research and development, Weavetech offers a portfolio of products & solutions that have proved to be highly cost-effective & offers the best value to the Textile Industry.

During its journey to becoming India's largest manufacturer of Twisting & Weaving machineries, Weavetech has touched many milestones – be it developing a new product or achieving the largest market share; Weavetech has distinguished itself with several superlative performances, a very few of which have been enlisted here :

  • One of the largest Indian manufacturers of TFOs Twisters, Crepe-Texturising Machines and Thread Doubling TFOs for filament yarns in India.
  • The largest manufacturer of Rapier Looms in India.
  • The first manufacturer of WaterJet and AirJet Looms in India.
  • Credited with over two million spindles running world-wide.
  • One of the largest manufacturers, worldwide, of Crepe Texturizing Machines.