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Partner With Us

To further strengthen our global presence, Alidhra Weavetech is constantly looking for active distributors all over the world. We are especially interested in finding distributors in countries where we do not currently have a local representative.

If you are interested in becoming a sales representative for Alidhra Weavetech products, please contact the following person:

Contact Person : Mr. Vallabh Thumar
Phone : +91-261-2278674
Fax : +91-261-2278438
E-mail : cmd@alidhraweavetech.com

Precision Manufacturing Solutions
With Alidhra Weavetech’s expert technical know-how in high-precision machinery assembly, it was quite obvious for the company to further utilize the knowledge-bank it has created over the years to provide ‘precision machining services’ to automotive and medical equipment manufacturing industries. With this aim, Alidhra Weavetech has created a wholly owned subsidiary ‘Raghuveer Engineering Pvt. Ltd.’ with the sole aim to provide the above services to global client looking to lower costs through outsourcing manufacturing activities to low-cost countries like India.

Raghuveer Engineering is a full service manufacturer, providing industry with high precision machining and assembly. We believe in strategic alliances with our customers, helping us to better understand their needs and how our combined resources can bring comparative advantages in meeting the goals of their customers. Successful partnerships growing together!

Our skilled engineers are ready to accept your most challenging projects. From early design and prototype through the full production cycle, we will provide you with the service needed to complete the job. Investment in the latest technology and knowledge will give us the advantage necessary to produce the challenging products of the future.

To get a profile of Raghuveer Engineering Pvt. Ltd. along with an overview of its infrastructure and list of machineries, please contact the following person:

Contact Person : Mr. Chintan Thumar
Phone : +91-261-2278674
Fax : +91-261-2278438
E-mail : chintan@alidhraweavetech.com